Kerrang Duthaka (NPC)

Lithe, cunning, soft-spoken.


A fighter who uses extensive magic

6’5”, 190 lbs

Minimalist Leather Armor

Magical Greatsword



When not covered in the filth of orc imprisonment, Duthaka appears as a sparely armored, very thin Githyanki. His leather raiment is tastefully encrusted with rubies, garnets, and finely engraved steel. His sword is a typical Githyanki design, jagged and wicked, and it rarely sits in the sheathe for long.

Kerrang is part of the Meta-ka Hunting Party which finds its home on the Astral Membrane, in the Astral Plane. Kerrang was on a raiding sortie, driving Githzerai from his territory, when a freak burst of magic shunted him into the caves under the mountains in Faerun (Forgotten Realms). There, he was immediately overwhelmed by a force of orcs and put into an ad hoc prison for later questioning. He now seeks to return to the Astral Plane and rejoin his hunting party.

Kerrang Duthaka (NPC)

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