Eladrin Warlord


Primary weapon: long sword (also carries a battle axe)

Primary armor type: chainmail

Height & Weight: I have to check, but I think 6’ 0” and 170. Slim, wiry build, that would not appear muscular or athletic to an untrained eye.


Follower of Corellon. Hates Lolth. Despises spiders as followers of Lolth. Is interested in finding historical items of beauty lost in the world, and also interested in discovering ancient rituals.

Corellonan was born into a devoutly religious family. Due to his father’s time-consuming involvement in religious activities, and his mother’s dutifully spending time in support of those activities, Corellonan spent much of his time with tutors and away from his parents. Interpreting devoutful faith differently than his parents (in part due to their lack of interaction), he is drawn to a wanderer’s searching life. He finds joy in adventure, and camaraderie in his companions. His path as a warlord comes not from a desire for power in leadership, but from a passion for problem-solving and an unconscious belief that his faith in Corellon drives him to make good decisions that will lead him, and his friends, to find lost works of beauty and rituals.

While not given to speaking beatitudes about art as beauty, he finds great beauty in ancient works of art, particularly those portraying, or involving, nature. Corellonan is not driven by issues of his family relationship, but does intend one day to return home to his family, to an expected reconciliatory adult relationship with his parents who will understand his version of devotion when he returns after having found, seen, and collected great works of art and learned ancient rites, all to the glory of Corellon.


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