Professor Thaddeus Amarind of Naibot


6’ 165 lbs.

Staff of Defense that’s been left back at that adjunct university, Staff of Fiery Might + 2, Fireburst Armor that’s cloth woven like a garment.


Professor Thaddeus Amarind of Naibot

See picture (but put spectacles on him when he is teaching class).

The son of nobles, young Thaddeus Amarind was born in the City of Naibot, into the Eladrin never quite feeling as though he fit in. Only nominally Corellonic, he didn’t care much for worship and often found himself as an outcast being physically inferior to his colleagues and classmates.

Though amazingly bright, he was often a troublemaker at school using both pranks and smooth-talking to get out of tough situations with bullies, but into ill-favor with his professors.

Through politically connected and wealthy parents and a GPA that was effortlessly well above-average, he stuck around his academy, taking very much to the physical aspects of studying history, i.e., archeology and anthropology. It was there he realized that magic was very much real and very much worked.

He was facing expulsion and probable legal charges from the Academy due to locating a controversial artifact (that at the time allegedly didn’t exist) and snatching it from mercenaries. The problem was these mercenaries had been quietly hired by the university to destroy the artifact for political-religious-monetary reasons. He used the incident to broker a tenure-track and (within reason) limitless resources from the university and two requirements that magic students must learn:

Arcana History 101 Combustible Arcana 301

He has a renowned reputation among academics as having authored a couple of brilliant papers on pyrotechnic history as well controversial theory on illusory/charm Arcana. He is also generally well-received in many political, merchant circles. But very much disdained in others for debunking false academics and a “shoot-from-the-hip” attitude with royalty.

His current reason for adventuring is that he is on a quest to find a “Feather Boat”—something that according to all known sources does not exist. He believes that the mages who designed such a boat were Eladrin who hid many additional secrets in the ship’s captain’s quarters, including a Deck of Many Things and a chalice, (which, according to legend, proves the existence of Corellon and grants eternal life from all those who drink of it). Of course, he has no proof for any of this.

Adventure, glory…Thaddeus craves not these things. He is obsessed with finding this Feather Boat, if only to have these artifacts go to a museum and be used for study.

Professor Thaddeus Amarind of Naibot

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