PCs flee the town of Saerb, they are being hunted by guards. They decide to try and find a place to rest. Thanatos guides them to a ruined tower that is already being used by a group of marauding hobgoblins. PCs kill hobgoblins and find a bag of 80 gp. They also see that the hobgoblins were planning on raiding local farmers.


PCs decide to go north to the Dalelands, in order to figure out what to do with the scroll. Thaddeus determines that the scroll is enchanted to burst into flames if the wrong person opens it up. PCs cross a pass in the Thunder mountains and find the Frostfell Rift land bridge into the Dalelands. This bridge is guarded by so-called agents of Netherese, who are searching for the PCs. After a bit of diplomacy and intimidation, the PCs are attacked by 3 human berserkers, a Shadar-kai chainfighter, and a human mage…

First Adventure-Escape from Sembia

Party gets scroll from unnamed agent, to give to Inius Olger.


Olger is attacked. PC kill 6 guards and a bandit assassin. The guards of the Town of Saerb chase the PCs, they successfully flee without being seen.


The PCs are now looking for a safe place to stay in the wilderness outside of the town.


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