Last Session

PCs kill orcs.

Corellonan gets lost.

Kerrang dies. Thanatos takes his sword.

Thanatos kills the Professor. Kerrang’s sword takes over Thanatos’ mind.

Magnus & Kronon walk away with Kalad.

Last couple sessions

PCs settle into Highmoon, find the Naibot School there, and give the scroll to Nantole, an elder scholar of the school, who will try and deactivate the self-destruct ward on the scroll so it may be opened and read.

Magnus and Thanatos bed Higla and Re-enna, respectively. They are local miners who are regulars at the Highmoon Pub.

The PCs respond to a general call to arms, meet with town elder Cadrick, who asks them to evacuate the brothers at the Monastery of the Sundered Chain because there has been sightings of invading orcs in the mountains.

When the PCs arrive at the monastery, they discover that it has been ransacked, defiled, and the occupants put to the blade. The PCs systematically kill all the orcs in the monastery and rescue two prisoners of the orcs: Kerrang the Githyanki, and Kalad the Dwarven smith.

Kalad alerts the party to the possibility that the orcs have found the Nexus, which is a crossroads under the mountains, under Bordrin’s Watch, that will give the orcs passage through the mountains and into the Dalelands. He guides the PCs to the vents that lead to the Nexus, and more orc slaughter ensues.


PCs flee the town of Saerb, they are being hunted by guards. They decide to try and find a place to rest. Thanatos guides them to a ruined tower that is already being used by a group of marauding hobgoblins. PCs kill hobgoblins and find a bag of 80 gp. They also see that the hobgoblins were planning on raiding local farmers.


PCs decide to go north to the Dalelands, in order to figure out what to do with the scroll. Thaddeus determines that the scroll is enchanted to burst into flames if the wrong person opens it up. PCs cross a pass in the Thunder mountains and find the Frostfell Rift land bridge into the Dalelands. This bridge is guarded by so-called agents of Netherese, who are searching for the PCs. After a bit of diplomacy and intimidation, the PCs are attacked by 3 human berserkers, a Shadar-kai chainfighter, and a human mage…

First Adventure-Escape from Sembia

Party gets scroll from unnamed agent, to give to Inius Olger.


Olger is attacked. PC kill 6 guards and a bandit assassin. The guards of the Town of Saerb chase the PCs, they successfully flee without being seen.


The PCs are now looking for a safe place to stay in the wilderness outside of the town.


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